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Welcome to HiteFalas.com - The Albanian Music library.
HiteFalas.com is the largest music library in Albania who offers you the possibility to listen songs for free. HiteFalas.com is a user-built music archive, all the songs from all genres are sent to us from our website visitors.

The heart of HiteFalas.com is a user-built database of music. More than 1.000 people have contributed some piece of knowledge, to build up a catalog of more than 15.000 recordings and 3000+ artists. We're far from done and you can contribute too! HiteFalas.com also offers the ability to catalog your music collection, wantlist, and share your ratings and reviews.
Although music listed at HiteFalas.com is uncopyrighted, in any way don't try to download or use for comercial purposes the listed music on Hitefalas.com, because you damage the artists first and you may be penalized by the laws. If you like the song and want to get it in your computer or mobile device you need to contact the artist first. Thank you for your understanding.
Album/Title/Artist Listen Online
2006- Maksi a.k.a ElesaN-G
2006- Meda
2006- Mensur Kadriu
2006- Mentori
2006- Mihrije Braha
2006- Niku
2006- Nora Istrefi
2006- Nora Rugova
2006- Nrg Band
2006- Orhan Ibrahimi
2006- Remzie Osmani
2006- Rovena Stefa
2006- Rrufeja
2006- Sala dhe Ramzja
2006- Sef Duraj
2006- Sef Gjakova
2006- Sefa
2006- Shkurte Fejza
2006- Shpat Kasapi
2006- Shyhrete Behluli
2006- Smail Puraj
2006- Soni
2006- TBA - Armiqt Suprem
2006- Tingulli 3nt
2006- Trix
2006- UnderGround Mc
2006- Valton Krasniqi
2006- Vellezerit Abazi
2006- Vellezerit Susuri
2006- Vesa Luma
2006- Visar Rexhepi
2006- Vjollca Buqaj
2006- Vjollca Hagjiu
2006- West Side Family
2006- XWNC
2006- Xheki
2006- Xhemil Saliu
2006- Xheni
2006- Zanfina Ismaili
2006- Zymber Avdiu