TERMS OF USE - HiteFalas.com
The services provided by HiteFalas.com can be found on www.hitefalas.com and are hosted by HiteFalas and its service providers.
HiteFalas.com is a platform for the online distribution of musical works providing services for artists, users and companies. HiteFalas.com does not act as an Internet access provider or as an electronic public communications service.

1. Content
* Album mean a set of Works published by the Artist on HiteFalas.com
* Artist mean a Member who published the Works on HiteFalas.com and who is the sole owner of the rights, or represent all owners of rights on works published.
* The music listed at Hitefalas.com is uncopyrighted and HiteFalas.com offers you the possibility to listen muzik shqip songs for free, in any way don't try to download or use for comercial purposes the listed music on Hitefalas.com

2. Works publication and withdrawal by Artists
* The artists publish their music on Hitefalas.com while sending it on hitefalas@gmail.com or by sending it directly on our fanpage on fb.com/mp3shqip. For each publication, the Artist commits to fill in the requested information sheet by specifying for each Work and each Album, notably the real name of all right holders.
* The Artist may withdraw all or part of his Works at any time by sending us email at: hitefalas@gmail.com

3. Important note about HiteFalas.com
* If we notice any violation on our services, or receive complanints from third praty (Producers, Artists) we could close our services on Hitefalas.com in any time.

4. Changes to the Terms of Service * HiteFalas.com reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

*These Terms of Service were updated on February 1, 2014.